HC Deb 18 July 1901 vol 97 c833

I beg to ask the Lord Advocate whether it has now been decided to place the lighthouse at Tiumpan Head, Island of Lewis, in telephonic communication with the post-office at Portnaguran, and has an estimate of the cost been obtained; will he state on what date the lightkeepers commenced to keep a diary of cases of illegal trawling coming Tinder their notice; have any such cases been recorded in the diary; and, if so, how many.


I am informed by the Fishery Board that the diaries were issued by them on 26th March, and that up to the present date only one vessel believed to be a trawler, but which cannot be identified, has been recorded. This vessel was observed on the 5th of April. In these circumstances there is no reason for altering the decision, not at present to put the lighthouse in telephonic communication with the telegraph office; which was intimated to the hon. Member in the reply made to him on this matter on 22nd March last.