HC Deb 25 February 1901 vol 89 cc1049-50

I beg to ask Mr. Attorney General for Ireland whether the attention of the Lord Chancellor of Ireland has been directed to a judgment delivered by his honour Judge Kisbey, at the recent Armagh Quarter Sessions, in the case of Mary Anne Ballantine v. Lord Gosford, in which the county court judge characterised the conduct of Mr. H. A. Johnston, B.L., a magistrate of county Armagh, as an unworthy juggle calculated and intended to mislead and deceive the plaintiff and cause her completely and, as he thought, irrevocably to change her position to her pecuniary loss, also that in another part of the same judgment an act of Mr. Johnston's is described as a map trick, and a cunning and disgraceful piece of misrepresentation; and whether, seeing that Mr. Johnston is a magistrate for the county of Armagh, it is the intention of the Lord Chancellor to continue him in the commission of the peace.


I understand that an appeal has been lodged by Mr. Johnston against the decision of the county court judge, pending which it would be premature to refer the matter to the Lord Chancellor, as is apparently suggested in the question.