HC Deb 21 February 1901 vol 89 c700

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland if he will state the number of appeals pending in the Land Commission Court in the Letterkenny Union, county of Donegal, and, seeing that a great number of the cases are pending for upwards of three years, when the Land Commission Court will hold a sitting to dispose of the appeals; and if the Commission, considering the number of appeals from this Union, will hold a sitting at Letterkenny for the disposal of the cases.


Appeals are pending in thirty-seven cases from the Letterkenny Union. In only one of these cases is the appeal pending for upwards of three years, but in several others more than two years have elapsed since the appeal notices were lodged. Cases from this district will be heard at the next sitting of the Court at Londonderry, for which, however, no arrangements have as yet been made. It is not probable that the time at the disposal of the Commissioners will permit of their sitting at Letterkenny.