HC Deb 16 August 1901 vol 99 cc1197-9

Lords' Amendments considered.

Lords' Amendment, on page 51, line 12:—

*SIR CHARLES DILKE (Gloucestershire, Forest of Dean)

pointed out that this and various other Amendments showed the danger of passing such a Bill so rapidly at this period of the session. Everyone who knew the late work which had been thrown on the draftsman and the officials at the Home Office in connection with the Bill would be surprised that so few mistakes had been made as appeared to be the case. When Bills were passed with such rapidity it was impossible to avoid very serious slips, and he was afraid that even now other slips would be discovered.

Amendment agreed to.

Lords' Amendment, on page 58, line 18:—

MR. T. M. HEALY (Louth, N.)

said the undertaking given by the Home Secretary in regard to Irish home industries had not been carried out in another place. He was aware that the right hon. Gentleman was most anxious that there should be no interference with those industries, and he believed the excuse given was that the section under which exemptions by way of Orders might be given was sufficient to meet the case. But when the Bill was before the House there was an almost unanimous concensus of opinion that some change was necessary, and that change had not been made.


said the hon. Member was altogether mistaken in saying that he proposed to give legislative recognition to the exemptions in question. He simply undertook to consider whether anything could be done in another place. On very carefully reading the Bill it was found that one of the clauses gave the Home Secretary full power to deal with any small industry in any way he thought advisable, and he did not consider any further relaxation should be made.

Amendment agreed to.

Lords' Amendment on sixth schedule, page 100, line 25:—


said he could not see what advantage was gained by the addition of the words after "supplied by way of trade."


said the objection taken when the schedule was last before the House was that, as then worded, it would apply to a factory lighting its own office. It was clearly not the intention of the Government that that should be so, and therefore other words had been inserted.

Amendment agreed to.

Remaining Lords' Amendments agreed to.


I think it is only due that I should express my appreciation of the extraordinary devotion, energy, and skill which has been displayed in respect of this particularly heavy undertaking by all the officials of the Home Office.


said that the work in connection with this Act had been done with a rapidity which was little short of miraculous.

MR. T. P. O'CONNOR (Liverpool, Scotland)

thought very great credit was due to the whole Department for the extraordinary courtesy and ability which they had displayed. Personally he expressed his thanks to the right hon. Gentleman for his courtesy, and he had displayed extraordinary skill in piloting this Bill through all its stages.

MR. CLANCY (Dublin County, N.)

suggested to the President of the Board of Trade that he might consider the advisability of having a sufficient number of copies of the Act printed, so as to have a copy placed in every library connected with workmen's institutes in the United Kingdom.


Every hon. Member of this House by putting his name down can receive a considerable number of copies, and perhaps in this way the object of the hon. Member may be attained.