HC Deb 13 August 1901 vol 99 c607

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether his attention has been directed to the proceedings at Tobercurry Petty Sessions Court, county Sligo, on Thursday last, from which it appears that a Mr. Perdue had been boycotted for taking a farm under the eleven months system; that the Protestant clergyman had been boycotted because he had been seen speaking to Mr. Perdue; that a Roman Catholic youth had been boycotted and assaulted because he worked for this Protestant clergyman; and that his mother had been boycotted, an attempt made to assault her in the chapel with a stick, and that subsequently the form of a coffin had been placed on her door; and whether the Government are taking steps to prevent a recurrence of such a state of things, either at Achonry or elsewhere?


The facts are correctly stated in the first paragraph, except that Mr. Perdue did not take a farm on the eleven months system, but purchased a farm under the Land Purchase Acts, which the tenants in the locality considered should have been divided amongst themselves. The prosecution referred to was instituted by the Government. The answer to the second paragraph is in the affirmative.