HC Deb 09 August 1901 vol 99 cc293-4

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether he has received resolutions from associations of teachers in which they state that the charges made against the management of the book store by Archbishop Walsh were correct, and the defence set forth in the memorandum incorrect; whether he is aware that several teachers not only have their supplies delayed for months, but have forfeited the money and supplies, and whether, in view of these charges made against a public department, be will cause an inquiry to be held in order to ascertain what has become of this money.


I have received a number of resolutions to the effect stated in the first paragraph. The Commissioners, as I have already stated, have no reason to doubt the accuracy of the reports which have been made to them in this matter by their responsible officers on the condition of the book department. The Commissioners are quite prepared to investigate statements tending to impugn the correctness of these reports if they are supplied with facts and figures enabling them to do so.


If I send the right hon. Gentleman specific cases, will he give an undertaking that they shall be investigated by the Commissioners and not merely by officials?


The hon. Gentleman cannot make me a court of appeal for the Board. They have stated they are prepared to consider any cases, and I should advise him to send them to the Board.