HC Deb 22 April 1901 vol 92 cc899-900

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War whether * See page 780. his attention has been directed to the letter of Captain H. G. Classon, South Wales Borderers, the officer in command of the post captured at Modderfontein, contradicting the statement in a Reuter's cablegram dated Krugersdorp, 2nd February, that Dr. Walker, who was amongst the killed at Modderfontein, had received three bullet wounds and was finally despatched by a Boer, who battered in his skull with a stone, and stating that Dr. Walker was hit only once by a stray bullet and died in the afternoon from the effects of the wound, and that the Boer General expressed his deep regret at the occurrence, and that every possible kindness was shown to the wounded British soldiers by the Boers; and what explanation has the War Office to give for the permission of the Military Press Censor to pass this Reuter's telegram.


I believe that statements to this effect have appeared in the press. Military press censors are not in any way responsible for the accuracy of the facts alleged in telegrams passed by them. Their duty is limited to the prevention of the publication of statements or intelligence which may assist the enemy.