HC Deb 17 May 1900 vol 83 c398
GENERAL LAURIE (Pembroke and Haverfordwest)

I beg to ask the Undersecretary of State for War whether the regulations are still in force which authorise the issue of 4s. per diem to the officers of a Militia battalion when attending annual training, and whether the adjutant and quartermaster also draw this allowance, which, when such battalion is embodied, is not issued: and whether, seeing that an allowance of £100 is given to each officer of the battalion on disembodiment, but not to the adjutant and quartermaster, he will take into consideration that this grant should also be made to them so as to place them on the same footing in this respect as other officers.


The adjutant and quartermaster draw the mess allowance during training. On embodiment the regiment is granted £100 for starting the mess and £24 a year for each company for maintenance of the mess; there is,, accordingly, no reason for issuing the 4s. mess allowance during embodiment. On disembodiment a gratuity of £100 is granted to Militia officers. The question, however, of some grant in aid of these two officers in view of their removal to a. station other than the headquarters of their battalion is under consideration; but it must be remembered that they retain their old quarters and stabling or the allowances in lieu in addition to quarters and lodging money where they are serving.

MR. BOSCAWEN (Kent, Tunbridge)

Do the adjutant and quartermaster receive the £100 gratuity?


No, but their case is under consideration, as I have said.