HC Deb 10 May 1900 vol 82 c1240

I beg to ask the Financial Secretary to the War Office whether his attention has been called to the case of John Walsh, late private in the 1st Battalion of 24th Regiment (Welsh Borderers), and to the fact that Walsh lost his health whilst serving in South Africa in a campaign against the Kaffirs in 1876; that he afterwards served in 1877 in the Carrington Horse in the Transvaal and endured hardships; that he was afterwards invalided from Cape Town with weak lungs and sent to Netley Hospital, but, his illness being found chronic, was discharged on a pension of 7d. per day for twelve months only, and which then accordingly ceased; and that he was afterwards employed at Fort Westmoreland in Cork Harbour, but was discharged on the report of the military surgeon as being unfit for the work on account of the ill-health from which he was suffering; and whether any provision will now be made for this man, either by renewing his pension or making him a grant by way of compensation, for the permanent injury to his health sustained while on active service.


The man was discharged as unfit after less than five years service and was awarded a temporary pension of 7d. a day, which was continued for over three years, but ceased on his being reported to have nearly recovered. The case shall, however, be referred to the Chelsea Commissioners.