HC Deb 04 May 1900 vol 82 cc764-5
MR. COGHILL (Stoke-upon-Trent)

I beg to ask the President of the Board of Trade whether his attention has been called to the insufficient accommodation provided by the London and North Western Railway Company at their Milford and Brocton Station, and to the dangerous level crossing there; whether he is aware that a number of fatal accidents have taken place at this crossing, and that on Easter Monday a girl lost her life by being pushed off the platform; and whether he will take steps to induce the Company to provide a bridge over the line and additional platform accommodation.


Yes Sir, and communications in reference thereto were made by the Board of Trade to the railway company, who in December last informed the Board that it was their intention to build a road bridge and dispense with the crossing at the station. I am informed by the company that it has been necessary before proceeding with the work to complete certain negotiations with the local authorities and other persons interested, and to purchase land for the approaches to the bridge. With regard to the accommodation at the station named, no complaints that it is insufficient appear to have been made to the Board of Trade. The company's general manager states that he is assured that it is adequate for the traffic at the place. He adds that the unfortunate fatal accident which occurred to a girl at the station on Easter Monday was shown, by the evidence brought before the coroner's jury, to have been caused by her attempting to get into a train in motion, although all passengers had been warned to keep away until the train had come to a stand.