HC Deb 01 May 1900 vol 82 c408

That they have agreed to the Rugeley Gas Bill, with Amendments; and the Amendments to the Universal Life Assurance Society Bill [Lords], without amendment.

That they have passed a Bill intituled, "An Act to empower the Glyncorrwg Urban District Council to supply gas, and to provide for the transfer to them of the part of the undertaking of the Llynvi Valley Gas Company situate in their district; and for other purposes." Glyncorrwg Urban District Council Gas Bill [Lords].

And also a Bill intituled, "An Act to make further provision for the purchase of the Hemel Hempstead Water-words Undertaking by the Corporation of Hemel Hempstead; and for other purposes." Hemel Hempstead Corporation (Water) Bill [Lords].

Railways (Ireland) Amalgamation Bills. —That they have appointed a Committee of four Lords, to join with a Committee of this House, to consider the Great Southern and Western and Waterford and Central Ireland Railway Companies Amalgamation Bill, the Great Southern and Western and Waterford, Limerick, and Western Railway Companies Amalgamation Bill, and the Midland Great Western Railway of Ireland Bill; and request this House to appoint an equal number of its Members to be joined with the said Lords.