HC Deb 26 March 1900 vol 81 cc327-8

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether his attention has been directed to the death of Constable Francis Murphy, R.I.C. in the workhouse hospital at Lurgan about a week ago; whether, and on what dates, the constable was transferred from the town of Moira and thereto from Mayo Bridge; by whose directions was he removed to the hospital, and how many hours he lived after his admission to the hospital; whether he is aware that Constable Murphy frequently complained of want of medical attention while in Moira; and whether he is aware that, in the absence of an inquest as to the cause of death, and the circumstances in connection therewith, grave dissatisfaction exists among the people and the friends of deceased, and whether a Local Government Board inquiry will be held into the matter.


My attention has been directed to the circumstances attending the death of this constable. He arrived at Moira, on transfer from Mayo Bridge, on the 15th February. He was exempted from duty on the 17th February, and between that date and the 10th instant, when he died, he was visited six times by the constabulary medical attendant. The constable made no complaints, nor had he any reason for doing so, as the medical attendant was very attentive to him. Up to the time of his removal to the workhouse hospital the deceased walked about the barrack grounds. He died five hours after his admission to the workhouse hospital on the 10th instant. He had previously expressed himself gratified at having been removed to the hospital. The man died from natural causes, collapse through heart disease accelerated by pneumonia and long-standing bronchial attacks. The case does no call for the interference of the Local Government Board, whose functions in the matter relate only to the treatment of the deceased in the workhouse hospital, and I see no reason for directing the Inspector General to hold an inquiry.