HC Deb 19 March 1900 vol 80 cc1188-9
MR. PHILIPPS (Pembrokeshire)

I beg to ask the hon. Member for the Hallam Division of Sheffield, as representing the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, whether the Ecclesiastical Commissioners in the year 1882 made over a portion of ground to the Mathry Parish Council, to be used by them as a burial ground; and whether the Ecclesiastical Commissioners have since then vested this same piece of land in the incumbent of Mathry, although the Parish Council had spent £60 in enclosing it; if so, will he state whether be proposes any action in this matter.

*MR. STUART WORTLEY (Sheffield, Hallam)

In the year 1881 the Ecclesiastical Commissioners on the application of the vicar offered to sell for £50 to the parish certain land as a site for an additional burial ground. The parish authorities, however, did not pay over to the Commissioners the consideration money, or take any steps to complete the purchase. The existence of a burial board was not at that time referred to in the correspondence with the Ecclesiastical Commissioners. In view of doubts whether any burial board had ever been duly constituted, and of the act that (unknown to the Commissioners) interments had actually taken place, the Ecclesiastical Commissioners decided in 1896 to make a free gift of the land, which was conveyed under the provisions of the Church Building Acts, and by virtue of the 8 and 9 Vict., c. 70, sec. 13, the freehold upon consecration vests in the incumbent of Mathry for the time being. The Ecclesiastical Commissioners do not propose to take any further steps in the matter.