HC Deb 06 March 1900 vol 80 c221
MR. HOLLAND (Yorkshire, W.R., Rotherham)

I beg to ask the First Lord of the Treasury whether the Committee appointed, under the presidency of Lord Justice Henn Collins, to inquire into the administration of the various funds administered by the Patriotic Commissioners and others has arranged to hold its sittings in the evening, namely, from half-past four until half-past six o'clock; whether such hours are customary; and whether they have been selected to meet the convenience of those who will be invited to attend and offer evidence, or whether they have been arranged to suit the professional and other engagements of the Committee itself.


Every Committee regulates its own hours of meeting according to its own discretion. I understand the Committee in question is to meet at four o'clock. Of course, I have no control over their proceedings nor any power of criticising it.


May I ask whether any protest has been made by the English Bar Committee against the withdrawal of Lord Justice Collins from his judicial duties to preside over a packed Committee of this kind?

[No answer was given.]