HC Deb 01 March 1900 vol 79 cc1415-6
. GENERAL LAURIE () Pembroke and Haverfordwest

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for War whether the report of Lord Roberts of 24th instant relative to six men having been wounded by hollow-nosed Mauser bullets, which had been so manipulated by having four slits cut in the shell as to be made a projectile of the most expansive and most explosive nature, is the first official report received at the War Office that such projectiles are being used; whether the wounded Boer prisoner found to have sixty such bullets in his possession was interrogated as to whether these cartridges were manipulated privately or were served out by the authorities in this condition; whether any understanding was arrived at with the Governments of the Transvaal and Orange Free State that explosive bullets so called should not be used by either combatant; whether, if known to have been used prior to the case reported by Lord Roberts, representation had been addressed to the military authorities of the South African Republics; and, if so, what answers have been received; and whether any action can be taken to prevent the use of such projectiles.


This is the first official intimation of the use of such expansive bullets by the Boers, and no information has been received as to whether the prisoners were interrogated. No understand- ing as to the use of such bullets was arrived at with the two Republics. I am not able at present to say whether it is possible to take any action in the matter.


Is it not a fact that these hollow-nosed bullets were made in Birmingham and supplied to the Boers?

[No answer was given.]