HC Deb 30 July 1900 vol 87 cc30-1

On behalf of the hon. Member for East Mayo, I beg to ask the President of the Board of Trade if he will state what sum during the past twelve months has been paid over to the Board of Trade from fines recovered in Ireland, under the Weights and Measures Act, and what sum has been expended by the Board of Trade in the training at the Constabulary Depot in Dublin of inspectors under the Weights and Measures Act.


At the request of my right hon. friend I will reply to this question. No portion of the fines recovered in Ireland under the Weights and Measures Act is paid over to the Board of Trade. All such fines, except in cases where one-third of the penalty is awarded to the prosecutor, are payable to the Crown, pursuant to the thirteenth section of 14 and 15 Vict. c. 90. The application of fines accounted for under this enactment is shown in the Returns annually laid before Parliament. A sum of £100 per annum is paid to the Board of Trade out of fees for the verification of standards under Section 19 of the Weights and Measures Act, 1889, to meet the expenses incurred by that Department in Ireland, including the holding of examinations at the Constabulary Depot by officers of the Board of Trade. The expenses of members of the constabulary attending the depôt are not paid by that Department, but out of the verification fees.