HC Deb 12 July 1900 vol 85 c1312
MR. LEES KNOWLES (Salford, W.)

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for War whether, having in view the possibility of sickness and accident, and in order that the ministrations of religion may be accessible to such as may need them, the Secretary of State will be prepared to sanction the appointment, in Volunteer brigade camps where no Army chaplain or clergyman, acting as such is available, of a brigade chaplain, who shall be responsible for the care of the sick in hospital during the week and for all services that may be necessary on Sundays, the said chaplain to receive the daily pay of his rank at Army rates during the camp, together with the usual allowances, but no further remuneration for Sunday services; and whether he will be prepared to allow the brigadier to have the appointment of the chaplain without reference to seniority, and to empower him at his discretion to appoint for the denomination next in numerical strength to that of the chaplain, a second brigade chaplain, whose pay shall be the same as that of the chaplain.


The Secretary of State has approved the appointment by the officer commanding a Volunteer brigade camp where no Army chaplain or acting Army chaplain is stationed, of a brigade chaplain with pay for Sunday duty at £1 1s. a service up to £2 2s. a Sunday. The officer commanding may also appoint a second brigade chaplain for the next most numerous denomination, on similar terms. The duties of a Volunteer chaplain differ so greatly in amount and variety from those of an Army chaplain, especially on week-days, that there does not appear to be any reason for granting Volunteer chaplains continuous pay at Army rates. Their services are only required on Sunday. It is unlikely that the cases of serious sickness could be such as to necessitate special spiritual provision.