HC Deb 15 February 1900 vol 79 cc91-2
MR. MORRELL () Oxfordshire, Woodstock

I beg to ask the Vice-President of the Committee of Council on Education whether he will consider the propriety of modification of Schedule V.* of the Day School Code, 1899, by making English (grammar) an optional subject in the training curriculum of pupil teachers, with a view to making elementary science of necessary subject instead; whether he will frame a scheme for elementary science: in such a form as to cover the require- ments (in the first instance) for object lessons in Standards I., II, and III., as set out in supplement to Schedule TL, alternative course in mechanics, botany, horticulture, principles of agriculture and experimental, arithmetic, physics, and chemistry; and whether he will consider under Clause 101e, the propriety of making English (grammar) a specific instead of a class subject, with a view to making elementary science, as so set out, a necessary first-class subject in Standards I., II., and III.


The Committee of Council will consider the suggestions of the hon. Member, but I cannot give any definite pledge till such consideration has taken place.