HC Deb 14 December 1900 vol 88 cc865-6

I wish to explain a report of words used by me which has led to a representation by a recognised public body with regard to those words. The statement reported is "that the value of the mineral rights under surface sites for the Rand alone had appeared in the report accepted by the late Chamber of Mines as 44 millions sterling. "That was so reported, and it is a mistake, the complaint is made on behalf of the Chamber of Mines that the words are incorrect. The reference which I made to the Chamber of Mines was at an earlier point and on another matter the words which I used were these:—"That the various estimates taken of the value of these rights are:—Over £75,000,000, £75,000,000, £44,000,000, £40,000,000—that is the estimate, I understand, accepted by the late Ministry of Mines of the Transvaal Government "—the word chamber has been reported—"also as low as £7,500,000 and £1,000,000."A mistake has been made by my having been reported to have said in that place "Chamber of Mines" instead of the "late Ministry of Mines of the Transvaal Government."