HC Deb 14 December 1900 vol 88 cc819-20

Address for Return for (1) Account of the Net Moneys or Securities paid over or transferred to the Commissioners of the Royal Patriotic Fund on behalf of and for the relief of the Families, or Near Dependents, of the Officers and Men of Her Majesty's Forces, including the Colonial troops, who have lost their lives in, or in consquence of, the war operations in South Africa; (2) Schedule of the Widows, Children, or Near Dependents, or other Cestui-que-trusts, ascertainable up to date, entitled to benefit under such Scheme, and the amounts and conditions of their relief in the following form:—

Schedule of Beneficiaries.
Name and rank of husband, father, or decreased. Name of Widow. Amount of allowances or other relief. Names of Children. Dates of their births. Amount of allowance. Name of other Cestui-que-Trusts.
(Mr. Kearley.)

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