HC Deb 03 August 1900 vol 87 c654

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to-the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland if the Coleraine Board of Guardians received any recoupment in respect of medicines purchased by them during the period immediately prior to and ending on 30th September, 1899; on what date did the Local Government Board approve of the appointment by the guardians of their analyst; was any recoupment made in respect of medicines purchased during the said period, but used before the appointment of the analyst, and was any recoupment made for the said period to the guardians in respect of any medicines which the analyst for any reason was unable to certify; and will he state whether it is within the power of the Local Government Board in exceptional circumstances, such as the late appointment of an analyst, to dispense with his certificate of analysis in a proper case.


Recoupment in respect of the full amount claimed as the cost of medicines, etc., for the half-year ended 30th September, 1899, was allowed to the board of guardians of the Coleraine Union. The analyst was appointed on the 26th August, 1899, and made his analysis of the drugs in use within the half-year, thereby enabling the guardians to obtain recoupment in respect of all medicines supplied during that period. The Local Government Board are not aware that the analyst was unable to certify in respect of any medicines obtained during the half-year. Samples of all the medicines supplied are taken and submitted to the analyst, and his certificates in the case of Coleraine Union were satisfactory. It is not within the-power of the Board to sanction recoupment until the guardians obtain a certificate from an analyst recognised by the Board, as required by Article 36, paragraph 4, of the Board's dispensary rules, dated 24th February, 1899.