HC Deb 26 April 1900 vol 82 cc7-8

The following Papers, presented by command of Her Majesty during the Easter Recess, were delivered to the Librarian of the House of Commons during the Recess, pursuant to the Standing Order of the 14th August, 1896:—

  1. 1. Trade Reports (Annual Series).—Copies of Diplomatic and Consular Reports, Nos. 2397 to 2402.
  2. 2. Trade Reports (Miscellaneous Series).—Copy of Diplomatic and Consular Reports, No. 524.
  3. 3. National Gallery, etc. (Scotland).—Copy of Sixth Annual Report to the 8 Secretary for Scotland by the Commissioners and Trustees of the Board of Manufacturers in Scotland, being for the year ending 30th September, 1899.
  4. 4. Prisons (Scotland). — Copy of Twenty-second Annual Report of the Prison Commissioners for Scotland, being the Sixty-first Annual Report on Prisons in Scotland, 1899.
  5. 5. Crofters' Holdings (Scotland) Acts. —Copy of Report of the Crofters' Commission, being for the year 1899.
  6. 6. Workmen's Compensation (Proceedings in Sheriffs' Courts in Scotland and in County Courts in Ireland).—Copy of Statistics of the proceedings in Sheriffs' Courts in Scotland and in County Courts in Ireland, under the Workmen's Compensation Act, 1897, and the Employers' Liability Act, 1880, during the year 1898.
  7. 7. Indian Plague Commission, 1898–9. —Copy of Minutes of Evidence taken by the Indian Plague Commission, with Appendices, Vol. 1.

Ordered, That the said Papers do lie upon the Table.