HC Deb 23 May 1898 vol 58 c403
MR. O'KEEFFE (Limerick)

I beg to ask the Attorney General, if, on the Act (as sent from the House of Lords) for promoting the revision of the Statute Law by repealing enactments which have ceased to be in force or become unnecessary, he will advise that certain sections under 31st Geo. III., cap. 32, and 10th Geo. IV., cap. 7, imposing and retaining legal disabilities on Roman Catholics in Ireland, should be included in the schedule to the proposed Act?


It would not be possible to deal with the matter to which attention is called by the honourable Member in the Statute Law Revision Bill, as that Bill is simply to give effect to the work of the Statute Law Revision Committee, and to enable the complete edition of the revised statutes to be published. Any amendment to the law of the kind suggested must be brought about by an independent Bill.