HC Deb 14 June 1898 vol 59 c218
COLONEL MELLOR (Lancashire, Radcliffe)

I beg to ask the Under Secretary for War if his attention has been called to the defective and worn-out condition of a considerable number of the tents supplied to the Cheshire and Lancashire Brigade of Volunteers during their recent encampment near Conway; if he is aware that the medical officers of the brigade have reported on the unfitness of the tents in question, and that the men suffered serious discomfort from the fact that the rain which fell during the greater part of the week penetrated through the worn-out canvas, flooded the tents, and continually saturated the clothing and bedding of the men; and if he will take steps to prevent the tents complained of from being issued on any future occasion?


Tents continue to be issued for use until they are worn out; and some, in their last stage of wear—as those used at Conway were—might be unable to resist the exceptionally bad weather which was experienced. These particular tents before issue were pronounced serviceable, but they will not be issued again.