HC Deb 09 June 1898 vol 58 c1177
MR. SCHWANN (Manchester, N.)

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Treasury, as representing the Postmaster General, what is the reason for refusing to pay Manchester postmen overtime worked on Sunday, 2nd January? And is he aware that the usual time worked and paid for on Sundays in the city is three hours, but that on this day several men worked three hours and fifty minutes; that in the district four hours are usually worked and paid for, but that on the particular day (2nd January) many men worked for half-hours and one and a-half hours longer, and were refused payment of the same; that in the south-west district six men not on duty in the ordinary course were sent for and directed to assist with the heavier walks; and that, although they have claimed for the overtime worked (viz., from two to three hours), they have been unable, up to the present, to get any pay whatever for the extra time worked?


Attendance by the Manchester postmen on Sundays is paid for, not according to the actual time occupied on any particular Sunday, but according to the average time occupied on Sundays. On Sunday, the 26th December, however, being the day after Christmas, exceptional payment was made in consideration of the heavy Christmas work, but it did not appear right to extend this privilege to Sunday, the 2nd January. Inquiry shall be made into the other details mentioned by the honourable Member. There is no information in London on the subject.