HC Deb 26 July 1898 vol 62 c1319
MR. ALLHUSEN (Salisbury)

I beg to ask the Financial Secretary to the War Office whether the troops engaged in the autumn manœuvres on Salisbury Plain are to be provisioned entirely by a London firm of caterers; and, if so, whether the War Office has considered the desirability of giving the inhabitants of Salisbury and district an opportunity of tendering through the Commissariat Department for the food supply of the troops; and why the War Office has not availed itself of such an exceptional opportunity of testing the organisation of the Commissariat Department?


The contracts for the bread and meat were placed in the ordinary manner after advertisement, and have been given to firms out of London. The contract for canteen supplies, over which usually the War Office exercises no control, was put up to limited competition by the general officer commanding the southern district, among firms considered to be specially competent to undertake a large contract under somewhat exceptional conditions, and was obtained by a firm whose headquarters are in London.


May I ask the honourable Member whether the forage for the horses will not be obtained locally?


The general rule applying to contracts for forage, under which the commanding officer is requested to make local contracts if he can, will apply in this case also.


Will the honourable Gentleman reply to the last paragraph?

[No Reply.]

President of the Board of Trade.