HC Deb 19 July 1898 vol 62 cc433-4

This is an amendment of the law relating to charges on land, which, I think, will be found very useful and very simple. At present the procedure is not only very complicated, but it is very expensive. This Bill provides that where a judgment has been obtained the judgment creditor shall be entitled to a charging order on specified land belonging to the judgment debtor. It also provides for the termination of registration in the Middlesex Registry, so that the whole of the services for judgment may take place in one register. I am sure that the House will be satisfied to know that, although it is a perfectly simple Bill, it is a very useful amendment of the law.


I have no objection to the Bill being read a second time. I have looked through the Bill, but I find that sub-section 5 of clause 1 says— Provided always that nothing herein contained shall enable a charging order to be made, charging land belonging to the incumbent of an ecclesiastical benefice, in right of such benefice. My suggestion is that if we agree to read this Bill a second time, as it requires careful looking into, and the enactments repealed in the schedule are considerable in number, I would ask that it should not be taken for a day or two.


Oh, certainly.

Motion made and question put— That the Bill be read a second time.

Read a second time, and committed for Thursday.