HC Deb 29 April 1898 vol 56 cc1557-8
MR. HENRY J. WILSON (York, W.R.. Holmfirth)

I beg to ask the Vice-President of the Committee of Council on Education whether he is aware that Her Majesty's inspector has given provisional consent to the Buxton School Board to make certain alterations in their classroom arrangements; whether he is aware that the board, in July, 1897, submitted plans of proposed alterations to the Education Department, and that such plans have never been returned; whether the accommodation in this school is for 792 children, and that the number in average attendance is much below that figure; whether, in the meantime, the Department has sanctioned an annual grant to a denominational school, on the ground that this school is not now unnecessary, notwithstanding that the accommodation in the board school is largely in excess of the average attendance; what course the Department intends to pursue in reference to the accommodation desired according to the plans submitted by the Buxton School Board; and whether the Department contemplates permitting other denominations to adopt a similar course?


The Buxton School Board stated, in January last, that certain alterations in their class-rooms had been recommended by the inspector. They have been asked for plans, but none have yet been furnished. These alterations are not the same embodied in the plans furnished in July, 1897. The accommodation in the Board School is 792. There are 900 children on the books, and only 650 in average attendance. The answer to the fourth paragraph is in the affirmative. The fifth paragraph cannot be answered until the plans have been furnished. Applitions for grant from all schools are considered with reference to their necessity.