HC Deb 03 June 1897 vol 50 cc181-2

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether the Foreign Office has yet received information respecting the letter addressed by Sir Philip Currie to Tewfik Pasha in regard to the recent massacre of Armenians at Tokat; whether complaint was made as to the inactivity of the tribunal at Tokat appointed to try the Mussulmans implicated in the massacre; and what steps have been taken by the representatives of the Powers to secure the punishment of those already tried and found guilty of complicity in the affair?


Her Majesty's Ambassador telegraphs that he is addressing representations to the Turkish Government daily with regard to the non-confirmation of the sentences passed by the Commission on the offenders at Tokat and the acquittal of the officials, and that his colleagues, whom he has acquainted with the telegrams received from Her Majesty's Consul, have also made representations to the Porte. The Council of Ministers have had the matter under their consideration, but so far no decision has been arrived at.


asked if the right hon. Gentleman could tell the House what the sentences were?


I cannot without reference, because there were a great many sentences, each differing from the other. If my hon. Friend desires the information I shall be glad to give it to him.