HC Deb 28 July 1897 vol 51 c1351

Byelaws made by a local authority under this Act shall not take effect unless and until they have been submitted to and confirmed by the Board, who are hereby empowered to allow, modify, or disallow the same as they may think proper; nor shall any such bye-laws be confirmed

Unless notice of intention to apply for confirmation of the same has been given in one or more of the local newspapers circulated within or by handbill posted throughout the district to which such byelaws relate, one month at least before the making of such application; and

Unless for one month at least before any such application is considered a copy of the proposed byelaws has been kept at the office of the local authority, and in the case of districts other than burghs at the office of the parish council of every parish to which such byelaws relate, and has been open during office hours thereat to the inspection of the ratepayers of the district to which such bye-laws relate, without fee or reward.

Any persons aggrieved by any proposed bye-law, or by any proposed alteration of a bye-law, may within such last-mentioned month, forward notice of his objection to the Board, who shall consider the same before granting confirmation.

The clerk of the local authority shall, on the application of any such ratepayer, furnish him with a copy of such proposed byelaws or any part thereof, on payment of sixpence for every hundred words contained in such copy.

A byelaw required to be confirmed by the Board shall not require confirmation, allowance, or approval by any other authority.

Amendments made: Leave out "handbill" and insert "handbills"; leave out "required to be "and insert "when."—(Lord Advocate).

Clause 184,—