HC Deb 28 July 1897 vol 51 cc1351-2

Nothing in this Act contained shall enable any local authority or other person to injuriously affect—

  1. (1.) The irrigation of lands in a rural district, or the supply of water used for such irrigation;
  2. 1352
  3. (2.) The supply of water required for the purposes of any waterworks established by or under the provisions of any Act of Parliament, or of the compensation water required to be given by the owners of such waterworks, unless the local authority shall have previously obtained the consent of such owners;
  4. (3.) The navigation on or use of any river, canal, dock, harbour, lock, reservoir, or basin in respect of which any persons are by virtue of any Act of Parliament entitled to take tolls or dues, or the supply of water to the same, or any bridges crossing the same, or any towing-path thereon:
Provided always, that it shall not be lawful for the local authority to execute any works in, through, or under any wharves, quays, docks, harbours, locks, reservoirs, or basins without the consent in writing in every case of the persons entitled by virtue of any Act of Parliament to take tolls or dues in respect thereof, and such persons may at their own expense, and on substituting other sewers, drains, culverts, and pipes equally effectual, and certified as such by the inspector to the local authority, take up, divert, or alter the level of any sewers and drains, culverts or pipes, constructed by any local authority, and passing under or interfering with such rivers, canals, docks, harbours, reservoirs, or basins, or the towing-paths thereof, and do all such matters and things as may be necessary for carrying into effect such taking up, diversion, or alteration.

Amendments made: After "shall" ["shall enable"] insert "prejudice or affect or shall."—(Lord Advocate).

At the end of Sub-section (3) insert: — (4.) The purification of any river or stream in respect of which any persons are by virtue of any Act of Parliament authorised to exercise jurisdiction, or the rights, powers, jurisdictions, and authorities conferred by such Act.—(Sir Lewis M'Iver.)

Clause 187,—