HC Deb 01 July 1897 vol 50 cc869-70
MR. H. C. F. LUTTRELL (Devon, Tavistock)

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Treasury whether the uniform of the boatmen of Customs is supposed to be issued on 1st May; and, if so, why the contractor has in some cases not supplied this uniform until two or three months after this date; and, whether he will take steps to enforce the punctual fulfilment of the contract in the future?


The annual issue of the uniform of the Boatmen of Customs should take place on the 1st of May. The clothing for the present year has in many cases not been yet received from the Contractors, who, in reply to communications as to the non-delivery, have stated that all the uniform is under inspection at the Army Clothing Department, and they have alleged that the delay has been occasioned to a great extent by the abnormal pressure in consequence of the requirements for Her Majesty's Jubilee. The Board of Customs have already taken steps with a view of enforcing the punctual supply of the clothing in future, and are making further inquiry as to the cause of delay. The contract is for three years, expiring next December, and in 1895 the Board levied a fine of £58 14s. 2d. upon the Contractors in consequence of their failure to deliver certain clothing until two or three months after the time prescribed in one of the Articles of their Agreement.