HC Deb 01 July 1897 vol 50 cc917-8

(1.) In applying the Congested Districts (Scotland) Fund the Commissioners May such steps as they think proper for—

  1. (a) aiding and developing agriculture, and the breeding of live stock and poultry in congested districts; and
  2. (b) providing suitable seed potatoes and seed oats and implements for crofters and cottars in congested districts; and
  3. (c)providing, subject to the provisions herein-after contained, land for sub-division among or for enlargement of the holdings of crofters and cottars in congested districts for the purposes of cultivation or grazing, in such manner and upon such conditions and after such adaptations as shall be determined by the Commissioners; and
  4. (d)aiding migration of crofters and cottars front congested districts to other districts, and settling any migrants under favourable circumstances in the places to which they first migrate; and
  5. (e) aiding and developing fishing (including industries connected with and subservient to fishing) and the Formation of fishermen's dwellings and holdings in congested districts; and
  6. (f) aiding the providing or improving of piers or boat-slips, public roads and bridges, and footpaths and foot-bridges, in congested districts; and
  7. (g) aiding and developing spinning, weaving, and other home industries in congested districts; and
  8. (h) subject to the consent of the Treasury,— aiding the providing or improving of harbours.

(2.) The Commissioners may give their assistance either by way of gift or loan, or by way of sale at cost price, and subject to such conditions as they think fit, which conditions and the provisions for their enforcement or for the case of their violation shall be as effectual as if they were contained in t his Act."

MR. CALDWELL (Lanark Mid) moved to add at the end of Sub-section (2):— Any person nominated by the Commissioners may, at all reasonable times, and after due notice to the occupier, enter any land occupied by an occupier to whom seed or implements, utensils or machinery, or appliances have been sold or gifted, in order to ascertain whether such seed has been properly sown, or that a proper use is being made of such implements, utensils, machinery, or appliances.

MR. JOHN McLEOD (Sutherlandshire)

thought that when seed or appliances had been bought and paid for they should not be inspected by any official.


said there were similar powers in the Congested Districts (Ireland) Act. These things were to be sold at less than cost price, and that being he thought the Commissioners should have power to see that they were being properly used.

Amendment agreed to.

Clause, as Amended, ordered to stand part of the Bill.


said more notice should have been given of the proposed addition. He objected to the clause being passed in its present form, and submitted that the Bill would be better as originally drafted. He hoped the Lord Advocate would consider the Motion between now and the Report stage.


said that when the Bill was last before the House ample intimation appeared on the Paper as to what was to be done. As the hon. Member for Lanark had said, it was merely proposed to give the Commissioners the same powers that had been given to the Congested Districts Board in Ireland. When articles were gifted or sold at less than cost price, he thought power should be given to see that they were being properly used.


maintained that nothing was said about things being sold at less than cost price.

Clause, as amended, ordered to stand part of the Bill.

Clause 5,—