HC Deb 28 January 1897 vol 45 cc669-70

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether it has come to his knowledge that the Local Government Board for Ireland has issued a writ against four Members of the Newry Board of Guardians for £21 6s. paid by the guardians to Philip M'Govern, of Glan, county Cavan, for services rendered in treating four patients sent to him as an hydrophobia specialist by the Board; and whether it is according to law for the Board to endeavour to recover by judgment in the Superior Courts a sum which they were compelled to pay by the judgment of the County Court?


The Local Government Board have issued a writ against the Newry Board of Guardians, specially naming four members, for the recovery of a sum of money paid by the Guardians to Philip M'Govern in direct contravention of the law. In October, 1895, the Guardians passed resolutions that three men, and any other persons bitten by a mad dog who might thereafter apply, were to be sent for treatment to M'Govern, who claims to be able to cure hydrophobia. The Board pointed out to the Guardians that, M'Govern's farmhouse not being a recognised hospital within the meaning of the 25 and 26 Vic. cap. 83, Section 7, the Guardians were acting ultra vires in sending patients to him for treatment. Upon the presentation of M 'Govern's hill the Guardians applied to the Board to sanction the expenditure, which the Board explained they had no power to do, and, as the account was not paid, M'Govern served the Guardians with a Civil Bill for the amount. The Guardians decided nut to defend the process, and judgment went against them accordingly by default. The Attorney General has granted his fiat for the proceedings which are now being taken in the Superior Court.