HC Deb 28 January 1897 vol 45 cc668-9

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether, having regard to the extensive destruction of property resulting from the recent bog slide in the county of Kerry, whereby numbers of people have been reduced to a condition of complete destitution, he will direct, after due inquiry in to the state of the case, that funds be provided for their relief either by the Congested Districts Board or by the Government?


The Congested Districts Board took a very early opportunity of considering to what extent they could help in remedying the results of the disaster referred to in the question, and they have received special reports on the matter which were considered at a special meeting held on the 27th inst. One of the results of the bog slide is that a ford over which carts used to pass has been swept away and the bed of the river lowered at the place by from 3ft. to 4ft. The Board hope to erect a bridge to take the place of the ford and to repair the injury done to the road at each side of the ford. A limestone quarry, owned by the Earl of Kenmare, at which about twelve men have been usually employed, has been partially filled by the peat How. The Board would be prepared to contribute towards the cost of opening or reopening a quarry in the neighbourhood, provided that it can be shown that such an attempt can be brought to a successful issue, and that the farmers of the surrounding congested districts will be supplied with limestone on advantageous terms. As regards clearing the lands at present covered with peaty matter, the Board would, in the interests of agriculture, consider what support might be given by them towards carrying out any well-considered scheme that may be submitted to them.