HC Deb 09 April 1897 vol 48 cc841-2
MR. D. F. GODDARD (Ipswich)

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for War whether it will be necessary to purchase land, in order to use the approved site for the proposed Military Hospital at Felixstowe; whether the approved site is within 150 feet of the nearest residence, and about 100 yards from Manor Terrace; and whether, as the residents in Manor Terrace and adjacent houses have petitioned against the erection of this hospital in close proximity to their dwellings, as being prejudicial to their welfare and to the value of their property, he will consider if another site cannot be selected to the north of Land-guard Fort on land belonging to the War Department, and away from the residences of those who visit Felixstowe as a health resort?


To meet local objections, some slight alteration in the site of the hospital is in contemplation, which will involve the purchase of a small plot of ground. The amended site will be about 220 yards from Manor Terrace; and it is hoped that arrangements will be made with the owner of one residence which is nearer. No site on War Department ground other than that selected is suitable.