HC Deb 19 May 1896 vol 40 cc1674-6

The following notices stood on the Paper, on the Order for the consideration of this Bill:—


To move the following clause: The Company shall provide third class carriage accommodation on every passenger train between Euston and Holyhead at the rates usual on other lines running to London.

MR. P. J. POWER (Waterford, E.)

To move the following clause: The Company shall provide third class accommodation on every passenger train.

MR. W. FIELD (Dublin, St. Patrick)

To move: That the Bill be re-committed to the former Committee, and that it be an Instruction to the Committee to insert clauses in the Bill compelling the Company to provide similar accommodation and fares to those existing on all other subsidised mail services in Great Britain, and, pending this arrangement, that the London and North Western Railway Company shall restore to cattle dealers the right to travel on Sunday nights at third class fares from Holyhead to Chester, and that drovers shall be allowed free passes as formerly given.


I must inform the hon. Member for Kilkenny and the hon. Member for Waterford that the Motions which stand in their names are not in order. The two first Motions are out of order because they deal with exactly the same subject matter which was ruled out of order (on the ground of irrelevance) as the subject matter of an Instruction, at a previous stage of the Bill. The Motion of the hon. Member for the St. Patrick's Division is also out of order, because the clauses to which it relates have been struck out of the Bill.


May I ask, Sir, whether at any stage of the Bill I can raise the question dealt with in that Motion I have on the Paper?


Of course, when the Bill is put down for Third Reading the hon. Member can move to reject the Bill; but the hon. Member will not be in order in using the arguments which would apply to the clause on the Paper.


I wish to ask the promoters of the Bill when they propose to take the Third Reading of the Bill, as many of us are interested in it and would like it to be taken at a time convenient to us?

SIR W. H. HOULDSWORTH (Manchester, N.W.)

There is no intention of taking it until after Whitsuntide. I am afraid I cannot say how long after Whitsuntide it will be taken, but we shall endeavour to suit the convenience of hon. Members opposite.


Should I be in order, Sir, on the Third Reading in objecting to the Bill on the ground that it does not provide third class accommodation on express trains?


No, the hon. Member could not raise arguments applicable to all railways under the general law at the hour of Private Business.

MR. LLOYD-GEORGE (Carnarvon Boroughs)

May I ask, Sir, whether it would be competent for me or one of my Friends to move the re-insertion of the clauses that have been struck out?


The hon. Member is speaking now of moving that on the Third Reading?


No, Sir; now.


In the first place, notice should have been given of new clauses moved, this being the stage of consideration. I may also point out that it would be a futile proceeding to insert clauses to force upon a railway company compulsory powers which it declines to take. And on the Third Reading only verbal Amendments are in order.


I beg to given otice that on the Third Reading I shall move the rejection of the Bill, and I hope I shall get an opportunity of I saying what I want to say. [Laughter.]

Bill ordered to be read a Third time.