HC Deb 05 March 1896 vol 38 c191

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Treasury, as representing the Postmaster General, whether he is aware that a provincial tradesman, on sending out 500 or 1,000 accounts or letters, is compelled either to buy the official stationery bearing impressed stamps, or to moisten and stick on as many adhesive stamps on his own envelopes, unless he should reside in a few favoured localities; whether he will give instructions that at every sub-office a "paid" stamp shall be kept for marking batches of envelopes or other documents on payment in one sum of the postage over the counter, as is done in the Metropolis; and whether he will state at how many localities outside of London, Edinburgh and Dublin, the postage on a batch of letters may be prepaid in money?


The system under which prepayment of postage in money is accepted, on correspondence posted in considerable quantities, has lately been largely extended, and there are now 45 provincial offices at which it is in operation. It would not however, be possible to extend it to sub-offices. It is not a mere question of issuing a "paid" stamp, as an elaborate check, which can only be applied at offices of considerable size, is necessary in order that the Revenue may be properly safeguarded.