HC Deb 03 September 1895 vol 36 cc1566-7
MR. E. J. C. MORTON (Devonport)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for India, whether he will lay upon the Table of the House a copy of the original orders pursuant to which what is known as exchange compensation allowance has been granted to Indian officers, civil and military; whether he will lay upon the Table of the House a statement of all sums disbursed and estimated under the head up to the present time; whether he is aware that such disbursements and estimates have been made avowedly for expenditure in England; and, whether the cost of them will be borne in whole or in part by the British Treasury?


The original orders, which were contained in a published Resolution of the Government of India, dated the 18th of August, 1893, will be given if the hon. Member will move for them. I may refer to page 216 of the Finance Accounts for 1893–4, and paragraphs 108 and 145 of the Financial Statement for 1895–6, both of which are on the Table of the House. The allowance is not given "avowedly for expenditure in England," but to enable officers to meet such expenditure if they think fit. No part of the cost will be borne by the British Treasury.

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