HC Deb 28 March 1895 vol 32 c347
MR. T. SEXTON (Kerry, N.)

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (1) if he can state why the Reid Exhibitions in Trinity College for Kerry students have not been awarded every year since 1886, the Reid prizes for Kerry monitors having been awarded annually throughout the intervening period; (2) how long part 2 of the Reid bequest scheme has been in operation; (3) to how many students the Reid Exhibitions in Trinity College have been, awarded, and what is their religious persuasion; (4) whether those students were trained in the Marlborough Street Training College; (5) and whether it was on the result of their answering in this College that the Reid Exhibitions were awarded to them?


(1) The Reid Exhibitions in Trinity College, Dublin, are to enable students of the County Kerry, who have successfully passed the final examination at the close of their course of training in the Marlborough Street Training College to matriculate in Trinity College and to pass on, without dropping a year, to the Arts Degree. Only two Exhibitions are available concurrently, and as the course extends over four years it would not, I am informed, be possible to award the exhibitions annually. (2) Candidates are recommended by the Professors of Marlborough Street College, and 1894 was the first year in which the Professors were able to recommend any candidate as fulfilling the conditions. (3–4) Exhibitions have been awarded to two students, one of whom is a Roman Catholic and the other a Protestant, and both were trained in the Marlborough Street College. (5) The reply to the last paragraph is in the affirmative.