HC Deb 05 March 1895 vol 31 c382
MR. J. AIRD (Paddington, N.)

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Local Government Board if he has seen his way to re-issue the Memorandum of 1892 as to the precautions advisable at times when epidemic influenza threatens or is prevalent; and if, during the prevalence of the epidemic, the Local Government Board have authorised, or if not, if they will authorise, medicine and additional restoratives being given to the sufferers?


In view of the further experience obtained by the Board's Medical Department since the issue of the Memorandum of 1892, I am of opinion that no useful purpose would be served by the re-issue of that document; and, having regard to the natural history of influenza, it is doubtful how far its prevention can be facilitated by the issue of an additional memorandum. But, as there appears to be a demand for some further guidance as to such measures of prevention as can be adopted, the Board's medical officer is now preparing a new memorandum, which shall be issued with the least practicable delay. The Board have not authorised medicines and restoratives being given to sufferers from influenza, and it does not appear to them that the circumstances are such as to render it necessary that they should adopt such an exceptional course.


asked whether the Local Government Board, in view of the distress in the Metropolis, would give further consideration to the question of authorising medicines and additional restoratives being given to the sufferers?

MR. JAMES LOWTHER (Kent, Thanet)

asked what the hon. Gentleman meant by the natural history of influenza; did he mean the microbes?


said he would give the right hon. Gentleman an opportunity of reading the Memorandum. With regard to the previous question, he repeated to the hon. Member that the Board did not think it necessary to take such a course, but if any fresh evidence came before the Board calling present action, it should certainly be considered.