HC Deb 04 March 1895 vol 31 cc276-7
SIR T. LEA (Londonderry, S.)

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland—(1) whether he is aware that there is great delay in the issue of certificates in the Registration of Titles Office under the Local Registration of Titles Act, 1891, and what is the cause of the delay; (2) whether the Land Commission stated they would register free of cost all those who lodged their application within 12 months of the date of the Act, and whether cases registered are registered subject to equities, and thus give the applicants no better title than before, but add complications; and (3) whether he is aware that sales of property are prevented in consequence of this?


I am informed by the Land Commission, and by the Registrar of Titles, that any delays which may have arisen in the Registration of Tenant Purchasers' Titles are due to the apathy of the parties themselves, and not to the working of the Act of 1891 by the department of the Chief Registrar. In 6,000 out of 7,827 cases sent direct by the tenant purchasers to the Registrar of Titles the applicants have not sent replies to the requisitions issued. In those cases in which the applicants have replied registration is being rapidly effected. In 1,460 out of 2,170 applications by Land Commission rulings have been made, and the balance of 710 is being reduced at the rate of about 100 per week. The Land Commision did issue such a circular as is referred to in the second paragraph; but in it they distinctly informed every tenant purchaser, that they could not register the title to the tenant's interest and the burdens thereon, which existed prior to the date of the conveyance, or vesting order, by which the Land Commission vested the holding in the purchaser under the Purchase Acts. All the cases registered by the Land Commission are registered subject to equities. Both the Registrar and the Land Commission are of opinion that such registration confers a great benefit on tenant purchasers, who can clear their titles and discharge the equities at any time. As regards the last paragraph, both the Land Commission and the Registrar are also of opinion that such registration does not prevent sales of property, as on a sale the tenant purchaser would have to prove his title, and discharge any claims or equities which might have attached to his holding.