HC Deb 11 February 1895 vol 30 c456

I beg to ask the Secretary for the Home Department whether, with a view to removing the doubt still unfortunately existing in the minds of many persons engaged in colliery operations as to the effect of coal-dust in producing and intensifying explosions in mines, he will cause experiments, similar to those made by Mr. Hall in Lancashire, to be made in other mining districts, especially in South Wales, and with coal-dust provided from mines in the locality in which the experiments are made by workmen and officials jointly, under the supervision of the person conducting the experiments?


I gather from the question that what is desired is, to demonstrate the dangers of dry coal-dust in mines, not for the information of experts, but for the instructions of workmen. No specific proposals are embodied in the question, and the possibility of doing what is wished will to some extent depend upon the cost which it may involve. I can, therefore, only say that, if any scheme is suggested for carrying out the desired object, it shall receive my most careful attention, and so far as is practicable I shall be glad to co-operate in its execution.