HC Deb 29 May 1894 vol 24 cc1544-5

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether he is aware that in the County of Leitrim there are only 13 Roman Catholic Magistrates, and 62 of other denominations; and that since the 11th of August, 1892, there have been appointed by the Lord Chancellor four Protestant and Tory Magistrates and only four Roman Catholics; and whether, as the population of the county contains 71,098 Roman Catholics and 7,520 of all other denominations, he can state that the Lord Chancellor will not further increase the preponderance of Protestant and Tory Magistrates on the Bench, and is prepared to appoint more Catholic Magistrates?


The relative proportions of the several religious denominations of the Magistracy in the County of Leitrim and its populations are correctly stated. The present Lord Chancellor has appointed nine Magistrates for Leitrim, of whom five are Roman Catholics, hut one has neglected to take out his commission. Of the four Protestant gentlemen referred to one is an ex officio appointment—the Divisional Commissioner. The Lord Chancellor is now making several appointments of Magistrates for the county.