HC Deb 29 May 1894 vol 24 c1544
MR. DANE (Fermanagh, S.)

I beg to ask the Secretary for Scotland if he is aware that two paupers, named Neil M'Hugh and Michael Cairns, were, on the 18th April last, deported from Greenock and personally conducted by a removing officer, named White, to the Enniskillen Union Workhouse; is he aware that M'Hugh had spent 51 and Cairns 35 years working in Scotland, and that the former, at the time of his deportation, was suffering intense pain from a broken arm; and will he confer with the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant with a view to amending the present law which imposes upon Irish ratepayers the cost of supporting broken - down persons who have spent their lives and labour out of the country that gave them birth?


I have now received the Report of the Inspector of Glasgow on the cases referred to. The men, Cairns and McCue, are aged 45 and 63 respectively; they were removed to Ireland on the date named, and in accordance with the provisions of the Statute, under warrants signed by two Justices of the Peace. Neither of them possessed a settlement in Scotland. McCue was last admitted a pauper on the 22nd of March, 1894, being then disabled by "fracture of forearm," and when removed on the 13th of April he was medically certified as fit for removal. The Board of Supervision have been anxious that some check should be imposed on the power of removing paupers both to England and Ireland, and also from parish to parish in Scotland, by granting a right of appeal; but I should deprecate the total repeal of the enactments in question.