HC Deb 07 May 1894 vol 24 cc475-6
MR. W. LONG (Liverpool, West Derby)

I beg to ask the President of the Local Government Board whether it is a fact that, under "The Local Government Act, 1894,"in any Union, which includes the whole or part of a borough, a minister of religion is disqualified from being elected a Guardian for the part or parts within the borough; and, if so, whether he will take the necessary steps to remedy this incapacity?


The fact of a person being a minister of religion will not in any way affect his qualification for election as a Guardian of a parish in a Union which is wholly or partly included in a borough, if he is a parochial elector of some parish in the Union who has during the whole of the 12 months preceding the election resided in the Union.


Will the right hon. Gentleman look at the Act of 1894? I think he will there find it stated that a person must be qualified to be a Borough Councillor, and under the Muni- cipal Corporations Act ministers are excluded.


I have looked into the question very carefully, and I feel confident the opinion I have given is an accurate one.

MR. LODER (Brighton)

Does the right hon. Gentleman mean to state that these qualifications would not hold in the case of a minister of religion being co-opted by a Board of Guardians?


I think not. I think my answer is accurate.


Both in regard to elected Guardians and co-opted Guardians?

[No answer was given.]