HC Deb 04 May 1894 vol 24 cc371-2
MR. T. W. RUSSELL (Tyrone, S.)

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether, by the issue of a sealed Order, the Local Government Board have impounded the rates due to the Killarney Board of Guardians; whether this course has been taken on account of the non-payment of the seed potatoes loan, amounting to £2,03,5 15s. 8d.; and if he can state whether this action on the part of the Local Government Board prevents the payment of any other of the liabilities incurred by the Board of Guardians?


The facts are as-stated in paragraphs I and 2 of the question. The Board of Works having certified that the amount was payable to them by the Guardians, it was obligatory on the Local Government Board, under Section 4 of the Seed Potatoes Supply (Ireland) Act, 1S90, to issue the Impounding Order. The treasurer of the Union is bound, on receipt of the Impounding Order, to pay the amount mentioned therein to the Board of Works out of any money then in his hands to the credit of the Guardians, or, if such money is insufficient, out of all money subsequently received by him on account of the Guardians. The Local Government Board, however, have asked the treasurer to retain enough money in his hands to pay outdoor relief cheques.


In a previons answer the right hon. Gentleman admitted that cheques amounting to £2,000 had been issued and dishonoured. Now that the whole rates are impounded, how is the work to be carried on by this bankrupt Union?


I suppose some arrangement is made for that.


Is it, imperative under the law to impound the whole rates in order to secure the payment of arrears, or can discretion be exercised so as to extend the time in the interests of the ratepayers?


I am told the Local Government Board have no alternative. I am not sure that the arrangement which has been made to keep in baud sufficient for outdoor relief is legal.