HC Deb 01 May 1894 vol 24 c38
MR. HUGH HOARE (Cambridge, Chesterton)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether be will authorise the Justices, sitting in Cambridge, who appointed the wrong men as the two Overseers for the village of Oakington, in Cambridgeshire, owing to a misrepresentation having been made to them as to the choice of the villagers, to rescind the two appointments, and to appoint instead Mr. William Doggett and Mr. William Harradine, who were chosen by the people, and would, but for misrepresentation, have been appointed by the Justices; whether he is aware that the said misrepresentation was made by the outgoing Overseers, whose administration of an important Oakington charity is seriously impugned and is now being considered by the Charity Commissioners; and whether he is aware that such misrepresentation procured their own appointment as Overseers, and foiled the wishes of the parishioners?


I have no jurisdiction in the matter. In certain cases the Courts can entertain an appeal from the parishioners, or quash an appointment on certiorari., though in this case I fear it is doubtful whether such a course would be practicable. The Justices appoint persons who are fitting, and are not bound to follow the recommendation of the Vestry. They intended to do so on the present occasion, but were apparently misled as to what had been the recommendation.