HC Deb 13 February 1894 vol 21 cc385-6

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War if he can under take to send an expert at uncertain intervals to examine the meat at Chelsea Barracks supplied for the London garrison, and to report how much, if any, of it is either foreign or colonial?


There is an expert in meat stationed at Chelsea, and there is a second on the Staff of the General Officer commanding the Home District, and, in addition, an expert visits all stations at uncertain intervals to examine the supply of meat, and sec that it in every way complies with the conditions of the contract. Not more than 60 per cent. of the meat supplied to the Army is permitted to be foreign or colonial imported meat: and this is only allowed during the winter, as such meat is not received at other times.

MR. J. BURNS (Battersea)

May I ask whether the expert referred to by the light hon. Gentleman is a practical butcher or veterinary surgeon, or whether he is simply an officer?


He is an officer, but not "simply" an officer, for he has technical knowledge on the subject.


Will the Secretary for War consider the advisability of appointing men who have had salesmen's experience to examine this meat—men who really can tell good meat from bad?


We have men who can tell good meat from bad: and I think we are very well served in this particular by the officers appointed for the purpose.