HC Deb 03 March 1893 vol 9 cc964-5

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether he can state, in relation to the Returns of agrarian outrages recently issued, whether there have been any moonlighting outrages during the period from 20th August, 1892, to 28th February, 1893, that have been returned as non-agrarian, and therefore not included in the Return; and, if so, how many?


The Constabulary Authorities report that during the period 23rd August, 1892, to 28th February, 1893, there were 25 outrages of the nature referred to in this question. The following are the details:—firing at the person, 1; firing into dwelling, 9; intimidation (otherwise than by threatening letter or notice), 10; robbery of arms, 1; house attack, 1; aggravated assault, 1; demand of money, 1; and burglary (by moonlighters), 1; total, 25.

MR. SEXTON (Kerry, N.)

May I ask whether the principle of enumeration of the agrarian outrages for the period named in the question is the same as in previous years; and whether there were in previous years moonlighting outrages not included in the agrarian crimes?


That is so. The principle of classification is exactly the same, and non-agrarian outrages were no more included in previous years than in the present year.